Sneaker Decisions

Sneaker Decisions

A couple of years ago my car was broken into and some miscreant stole my gym clothes, along with my sneakers. No worries, I had just ordered a new pair of sneakers from Zappos.

Wouldn’t you know it, the wide-sized sneakers I bought from Zappos didn’t fit. And I never got around to sending them back. I was just too busy with school and work and then it seemed like it was too late.

So that means that I’ve been paying for a gym membership but not going to the gym in part because I don’t have anything to wear on my feet. So. That happened.

I resolved to buy myself some sneakers. I would schlep myself to the store and try on sneakers before I purchased them to make sure they would fit well. This week. When I told Edmund of my plans [“I’m going to go on Tuesday night after Mom and I go out to dinner”] he gave me a 10% discount coupon to a sports store in the mall. Kismet!

My new sneakersImagine my dismay when I realized that the only (and I mean only) pair of wide sneakers that fit me was one of the “pink” shoes benefiting a charity that will remain nameless. In spite of my love of Planned Parenthood and all the good it does for Women’s Health and cancer screening, I chose to buy the damn sneakers.

You should be able to infer why.

I suppose if I were a better person and stood up for my beliefs and stuff I’d boycott those damn sneakers!

And there I would be, exactly where I was before. Without sneakers. Paying for a gym membership but never going because of sneakers. Sneakers. Sneakers. SNEAKERS!

I bought them. Because I don’t live in vacuum. If I had smaller/less wide feet, I would’ve had plenty of options. But I don’t.

And clearly, I needed to buy the damn sneakers when I was ready to buy sneakers.

So there.