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Discarded Headlines

Discarded Headlines

Discarded HeadlinesSometimes I get a “great” headline or title for a blagpost but it just doesn’t pan out.

Today I thought that I did not live-tweet from my father’s deathbed would be funny or poignant. But then the funny did not come. Nor did poignancy.

A few weeks ago I was looking for the The Silver Lining – did not find it; post was about my Dad.

Visions of Grandeur was about Lounging with LannaLee and how awesome it was going to be.

Nanu-Nanu is where I was gearing myself up to talk about my love for Mork and Mindy, and I kind of petered out. I wanted to talk about how I wanted to BE Mork and how I wanted to BE Bugs Bunny:

Me circa 1981


Yesterday I talked about my illustrious film career. Then some twitter pals (@blackgirlinmain and @lisa04040 (among others) were talking about shows we liked as kids. Since we three grew up in the 1970s/1980s, we liked similar shows. I brought up Mork and Mindy. Lisa brought up Looney Tunes. and I…

Before that I wanted to talk about The LannaLee Brand. And then I got over myself.

In testing I was literally testing the html code for ordered lists.

My Strategy was to talk about my love of computer strategy games:


I like to play strategy games, like Starcraft I/II and Warcraft III (not to be confused with World of Warcraft, which is a totally different animal). I am not saying I’m good at playing strategy games. I like to play them.

I play strategy games like I plan out my school semester. I like to stack the decks in my favor. When I play Warcraft III or Starcraft, which are real-time strategy games, I make it a priority to gather as many resources together as I can,…

Not sure what Write Like the Wind was about, probably going to pump myself up about something or other.

Now I’ve made some discarded headlines useful again. Go me!