Even the Stupid Ones

Even the Stupid Ones

20141202_204753 (1) I am goal oriented.

I like to challenge myself. A blag post every day. A podcast every week. Not drinking Coca-Cola at home.

Sometimes I think I have goals just so I can feel guilty about something. Exercising and/or journaling every day (nope). Keeping the sink clear of dishes (laughter). Maintaining a spiritual practice (no, seriously, I can’t STOP LAUGHING!).

My new (stupid) goal is to fill up my Star Wars Moleskine so I can start using my The Hobbit Moleskine by December 15th: the day my friends and I are going to the IMAX theatre in Milford to see ALL THREE Hobbit movies in one day.

Because that would be cool.

I have 65 pages left.

That means I will need to fill these 65 pages in less than 2 weeks. 32 1/2 pieces of paper times 2. It has taken me since September to fill that much.

By hook or by crook, I can do it. It doesn’t need to be all writing, drawings and pictures work too.

I know! I can write down ideas for all the brilliant blag posts I’ll write.