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Have a piece of fruit

Have a piece of fruit

Fresh Fruit Delivered to my DeskLook at this! Fresh fruit, delivered to my desk! [Well, delivered to the front desk at my office, but, because it sounds cooler, let’s just say delivered to my desk. Mkay?]

Not in the picture: two bananas and a paper bag to help ripen the fruit.

What a great idea this is. For just 11 bucks, I have 12-15 servings of fruit that I can eat throughout the week. And you know what they say about a bird in the hand? This is definitely worth two in a bush.

Fresh Fruit in a boxMy workplace is on Fresh Fruit Frenzy‘s delivery route and because other offices in our building order from them, we don’t have a minimum order requirement. Also, I could sign up for this to happen every week. Isn’t that awesome!

What comes with it? I got 4 apples, 2 bananas, a couple plummy things, a pear, an orange, some red raspberries and blackberries, and two specials! One special fruit: this week it was a star fruit, which I don’t ever remember eating. The other was a nutritious non-fruit snack: a baked potato with sour cream and butter.

Is it worth it? Well, I might have been able to purchase that fruit on its own for less money at the grocery store. But remember the bird in the hand? Here is the thing. I DON’T purchase fruit at the grocery store to bring to work. And if I do, I never remember to bring it. So here is a bunch of fruit that I have AT MY WORKDESK that I can eat throughout the week. Today, Monday, compared to any other Monday of the last 6 months, I’ve eaten 3x more fruit (having scarfed down a banana, a plum thing, red raspberries and blackberries.) Tomorrow I am guaranteed to eat some more fruit. So this week is already a win in the fruit category.

I’m going to keep on with it for a another couple of weeks to see how it goes. If I end out eating a lot more fruit, I think it’s worth it.

And if you work in Southern Maine and Portsmouth NH areas, you might be able to get some fruit too! Fresh Fruit Frenzy has delivery routes on “Mondays: South of Portland, ME and Portsmouth, N.H. area” and on “Tuesdays: Portland, ME area and North of Portland”. Note: I was not paid anything nor was I given anything to make this endorsement. I just think it’s a great idea, and I’m going to try it for me, maybe it would work for you.