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Everybody Say Hey

Everybody Say Hey

Lenny sez pthhthtHello party people. My brain is a sieve or something and I don’t feel like writing much of anything and all I want to do is veg right now so you are stuck with videos.

I tried to find the song I was thinking of when I wrote the blag post headline but I couldn’t because I did not remember it’s title. So sorry about that. It would’ve been cool.

I’m feeling quite Queenly tonight.

Love sure is crazy:

Another one goes, another one goes:

You can’t stop me:

Mamma Mia, Mamma Mia:

You big disgrace:

My friend:

[There was a girl in my class whose last name was Champeon. I think that’s the spelling. The song We Are the Champions always made met think of her and her family and how awesome it was that they had their own theme song. She was one of the cool kids, so I never told her that. But every time I hear We Are the Champions, I think of her and her family singing it together at the top of their lungs. And I smile.]