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Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday Mom!

Mom with a Frosty BeverageToday is Mom’s Birthday. I celebrated it by working from home, driving Eddie over to Mom’s house (where his broken car was), letting her cat out, trying to help Eddie jump start his car, abandoning Edmund to wait for AAA, going back home to work remotely, finding out that it only took $7.50 to fix Ed’s car (?!?!?!?), eating fresh lobster for lunch, working some more, calling my Mom to wish her a happy birthday, going to the Cocktails and Creatives party in Portland, drive back home, stop at Subway to get sub for dinner on the way, get home, change into pjs. Notice that we FORGOT to put Mom’s cat back in her house. Throw some sweats on, cajole Edmund to come with me and drive over to let the cat back in. Go home. Eat sandwich. Write this post. Get ready to sign back into work.

So really more about me than Mom. Other than her freaking cat. Who is a good boy. Usually.

When I talked to Mom today she was getting ready to go online again. She’s up at camp and is traveling all over Piscataquis county stealing wi-fi signals. Presumably legally. She’s not much of a hacker, yet.

So that’s it. Happy Birthday, Mom. You’ll be glad to know that Ed’s car is out of your door way. And your cat is safe inside this evening. Also, I love you.