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Vacation Goodness

Vacation Goodness

Santa's Elves on Solstice Break

Santa’s Elves on Solstice Break

This was one of my favorite moments from the New York Faerie Festival. Granted, we were only there one day (Friday), and we didn’t really get to see the Trolls in all their glory. (See there are some trolls, and a troll bridge, for which you must pay a toll. The trolls are not too smart, so they’ll accept most anything for a toll. Trinkets. Baubles. Maybe even rocks or leaves. Eddie and I got to see them play a game of Whack-A-Troll, I was just not quick witted enough to get my camera out in time. Yes, they had a board set up with holes cut out and the trolls would stick their heads through in order to get hit by a soft mallet.) It was a great time, and we hope to be able to go for the whole weekend at some point. I’m thinking it would be awesome to be a vendor at the festival, that way I am assured a seat in the shade.

Our Thursday was gorgeous. We spent the day at the beach in Lake George. In the shade at the beach, that is. Although I had my bathing suit on under my clothes, we didn’t jump into the water. They had restricted swimming and it was not quite as hot as it was over the weekend.

Saturday we spent near Princeton, New Jersey at Eddie‘s 20th High School Reunion. I regaled my Twitter and Facebook followers with how it feels to be a spouse at an event such as this, but all in all, we both had a great time!