I’m just gonna write. I don’t need no stinking ideas. Planning is for sissies. I can totally wing out a stellar and erudite piece of literary genius in just a few moments.

Wait for it…

Here I am, writing awesome across the page; typing it really, it’s like my fingers are a conduit of excitation and delight as they dance across the keyboard, tap tap tapping my way into your heart. My eyes flit around the room, not in a desperate bid for something to write about, but because I don’t NEED to concentrate on what I’m writing, the writing just HAPPENS and its stunning brilliance stands alongside the literary greats of the world, the likes of which I can’t even list here.

I must pause for sustenance, and for that I am fueled with fluffernutters and cheddar cheese popcorn – the food of the Gods. For drink I mainline coffee. Or Coca-Cola.

I am not thinking.

As I write more, my eyes are drawn to the television. Danny Trejo (of Machete fame) is acting in a small role in the movie Anaconda. Who knew?

Owen Wilson was in Anaconda too! Crazytalk.

I am on point. Writing awesome.


What’s that behind you?