Hey! I’m awake.

I woke up early and couldn’t go back to sleep. So I got up and arranged my office so I can set up Mom’s bed.


Notice I didn’t say CLEAN my office. (I really should’ve picked up that glove – no worries, my Mom will make short work of that.)

Regardless, I have things to do.

Now I’m doing a load of laundry so Mom will have fresh sheets. Here is where the luxury comes in: I am doing said laundry in my own home.


For those of you lucky enough to live most of your life with an in-home washer and dryer, you might not understand, but it feels decadent to be lying in bed,  in my jammies, listening to the washer do its work.

Laundry before washer ownership required foresight and planning. We’d have to carve out some time, gather the clothes, and go to laundromat. We’d have to be totally on the ball, even if we decided to have the laundromat do the laundry for us.

I forgot to ask Ed to throw in the load yesterday. No problem,  I can wash them today: IN THE COMFORT OF MY OWN HOME. Amazing.

Almost ready for Christmas Holiday. In charge of the french dip and flan. Ed’s cooking the dinner tomorrow. 

Grateful to be able to host both Moms, my brother Bill, and his life partner/canine friend Waldo. It’s a good thing.

Tomorrow’s dinner will be ham, roasted potatoes, creamed spinach, and my Mom’s fruit salad.

As my Dad always said: it don’t get no better.