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Too Many Pages Left

Too Many Pages Left

20141212_222037Remember on December 2nd when I said I had 65 pages to write in my Star Wars Moleskine before Decmber 15th? So I could start using my Hobbit Moleskine by the time I go to my Hobbit movie marathon on Monday?

Well, I have 50 49 pages left. Woo!

I gots some writing to do.

I tried to find my art pencils in my office. I know which container they are in, but I can’t remember if I unpacked it yet or not. I hope to find it so I can arts into my Moleskine.

Tonight Edmund and I scrounged up some dinner (he had yogurt and snackages, I had a peanut butter and honey sandwich), and watched a 30 on 30 documentary, and then watched Big Trouble in Little china. Where this happened:

The movie was enjoyed.

Now Edmund is asleep and I’ve been wrestling with my computer for the last hour so I can write this post (no lie). [While waiting for it to boot back up I shopped for a Microsoft Surface 3 on my smartphone. Want. All the gigs and processors and stuff – i.e. the most powerful one.]

Hey. I might know where those pencils are…