Fugue State

I read several novels this weekend. Six full ones since Friday. Well, since last Thursday I’ve finished Eight Novels. (I might have started one of those books on Wednesday, I really can’t remember, they are all melding in together, and five of the books are part of the same Series).

Eight books in four days.

So that was what I did this weekend. Read.

I also watched some Top Shot with Edmund. And slept a lot.

Ok. It wasn’t really a FUGUE State. In that I didn’t have amnesia (other than not remembering WHEN I read each book, but I don’t think that counts.) But I was singularly unwilling to fire up the ol’ computer and go online. I only checked the interwebs in a cursory sort of way from my phone. (I didn’t get any cool emails anyway.)

I just couldn’t bring myself to go into my office. My butt was affixed to my barcalounger. And my eyes were glued to my Kindle.

Confession: I didn’t publish a lounge last week. The first time since I started the lounge. The worst part, I have three in the can, so I have no excuse.

Maybe I’m a little depressed. Or I needed a recharge or something. [I am still taking my anti-depressant and seeing my therapist, no worries.]

So. Feeling better today. Other than being hot and sweaty. (My home office does not have AC.) A new lounge will be up on Thursday. And now I’m going to write at least one email I’ve put off writing.