NYC Here I Come! #140You #140Conf

Something I am very excited about: a few weeks ago I was invited to attend a State of Now conference, #140You Exploring the State of: Health, Wellness, Fitness and Food in New York City on June 18th and 19th.

As you know, Edmund and I have been a little poor lately. So I contacted my friend Karen, who I haven’t seen since we moved from NYC in 2005, and asked if she would be able to put me up. And she would! And then I bought a round trip bus ticket (Portland to Boston, Boston to NYC, NYC to Boston, Boston to Portland) from Megabus for $20 (well, $19.50 to be exact).


Note: I haven’t visited NYC SINCE we moved in January of 2005. It’s weird, but true. I’ve driven through on our way to/from Pennsylvania and New Jersey, once or twice I’ve been at one of the airports, but as far as walking around in New York City – not so much.

My thoughts on this: I am SO out of shape.

Not looking forward to climbing up tons of stairs and whatnot, but so be it. This trip will be a mini-boot camp I suppose. Funny that I’m going to this health and wellness conference.

And that’s another thing. It is a health and wellness conference, and I am ambivalent about health and wellness (especially as its presented in mainstream society, and this looks to be a fairly mainstream event.) My plan is to attend with an open heart and mind, maybe I’ll learn something. Get inspired and whatnot.

I’m leaving on Saturday, so I can hang out with Karen for a couple of days, working remotely on Monday and then the conference is on Tuesday and Wednesday. I have tons of pens, just got a new order in for another 500, so hope to be able to do lots of outreach for Lounging with LannaLee, grab myself some new listeners! That would be nice.