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Doing the Pod

Doing the Pod

Punk Post Here.

Had quite a day.

Look, it’s Person Man!

Person Man

Got hit in the head with a frying pan.

More Later.

Elephant in the Room – Also: TMI

Elephant in the Room – Also: TMI

Last Night's Cheesy Dinner

Last Night’s Cheesy Dinner

Caution: descending into TMI (Too-Much-Information) really gross stuff zone. You have been warned.

Last Saturday I mentioned, in an off-hand way, that I’ve had my period for the last 30 days.

Well. It’s still going strong.

It seems to be petering out since this weekend. But the flow is still flowing. My body is catching up.

I don’t remember getting my menses when Dad was sick, or afterward. Any time from February until about June. I might have done, but I don’t remember. Stress will do that, and frankly, I had better things to worry about. Because of my issues, my doctor put me on a hormone replacement drug, one a day for 10 days, and told me to start taking it October 1st.

In the meantime my menses started, before October 1st. Like an idiot, because I knew I would be taking the drugs again in November (and didn’t want to take them while I was in Kansas) I decided to wait to start the pills. My period started on its own anyway. Maybe I didn’t need to take them. Maybe I’d wait until after my trip.


My period kept going.

And going.

And going.

It got to be around the 15th of the month and I decided I better start those damn pills.

The thing is, I’ve taken these hormone pills before (because this is not the first time I’ve had stress-related menses issues), and what they do is help the uterus clean itself out. Bleed itself out.

So since the 25th I’ve enjoyed an epic flow of epicness.

I wear two pads at a time. Yet, I’ve still bled through both pads.

I am so over this.

Hurricane Funtimes

Sitting by candlelight, typing this post into my phone. Power’s out. All the cool things I was planning on doing tonight, not doing them. That post I was planning to write, maybe I’ll write it, maybe I won’t.  I’ll do other cool things like hang out with Edmund and the kitties.

Take care of yourselves. Going to turn off my phone to save batteries.

Past Costumes. And How about Sandy?

Past Costumes. And How about Sandy?

I'm one of these clowns

I’m one of these clowns

Here’s an ex-costume of mine, I’m the second from the right. Dressed as a clown. Obviously. I don’t dress like a clown anymore. As a rule.

I don’t wear other costumes anymore either. Lame Nerd Riot Girl aside.

Also. I wore the costume below at a clown convention. Made it myself. In fact I kinda still have the costume. I only just cut it up to use on Lounging with LannaLee couches.

And how about Sandy. Supposed to be getting a big hurricane on the East Coast this week. I will try to remember to charge my kindle. Otherwise, I’m pretending it won’t happen.

Cave Girl Lanna with Sock Puppet

Cave Girl Lanna with Sock Puppet

Cave Girl Lanna with Skull

Cave Girl Lanna with Skull

[Fully aware this is a lame-ass post. I gots couches to make, people!]

Lame Nerd Riot Girl

Lame Nerd Riot Girl

Lanna as Lame Nerd Riot Girl

Lanna as Lame Nerd Riot Girl

Edmund and I went to two parties tonight. The first was a beer/halloween/birthday bash. The second was a costume extravaganza house party.

I knew that, at the second party, everyone wore cool costumes. I’ve seen the pictures from previous years. So I needed to do something.

This morning as I sat in my barcalounger I tried to think of something clever to wear for a costume.

I thought.

And I thought.

Let’s see. I could go as a woman who has too much to do and not enough time to do it. I could go as a woman who’s had her period for the last 30 days. I could go–

I stopped myself. These aren’t costumes, they’re my life!

Lanna as Lame Nerd Riot Girl

Lanna as Lame Nerd Riot Girl

Instead I decided to try a little something. So I put on my (nerdy) bad cat shirt, put some tape on my glasses, my hair in pigtails and voila! Lame Nerd Riot Girl (so lame, I’t not Riot Gurl or Grrl).

Eddie said the pigtails were cute.

For the win, people!

I need to buckle down

I need to buckle down

Lounging with LannaLee has PENS!

Lounging with LannaLee has PENS!

It is my mantra for this week, isn’t it…

Anyway. Thanks to an anonymous benefactor, Lounging with LannaLee has PENS!

Surprise: 350 pens is A LOT of pens. I have plans for a few of them. Of course, Lounging with LannaLee guests will now get one.

I can’t tell you how excited I was at getting pens. I am such a dork. The reaction from my Mom and Edmund was underwhelming. They do not SHARE the feeling of awesomeness these pens bring to me. But they are AWESOME!


New Lounge is ready for your Listening Pleasure!

New Lounge is ready for your Listening Pleasure!

Jeff Lounged with LannaLee and got a couch!

Jeff Lounged with LannaLee and got a couch!

A few weeks ago I sat down and talked with writer Jeff Bouley.

I spoke with Jeff’s partner-in-crime Shay Stewart-Bouley in Lounging with LannaLee’s 2nd episode. I wanted to lounge with Jeff too, I just waited a few months before I could do it.

Jeff and I talked about a bunch of things, but the meat of our conversation was about spirituality, his Christianity, Science and Science Fiction, and writing.

It’s a fun, thoughtful chat. You’ll enjoy it.

Go listen.


Another Punked Out Post

I’m doing stuff! Really! Just the stuff I’m doing is NOT thinking of interesting blag posts for my Musings of Lanna Lee Maheux readers.

It’s all about the Lounge. Getting tomorrow’s podcast ready. Getting ready to Go Premium! This is where paid subscribers to Lounging with LannaLee get premium content not previously shared with ANYONE. [And it’s cheap too, $1.99 per month and $7.99 per year.] Lining up new guests. Strategizing.

Angsting about I mean WRITING my speech for Smalltown 2012.

Getting my laundry together.

Going to bed.

You see, I’m too busy to be interesting.

Have a nice day.

AMC, Dish, and getting stuff done

I wish I were better at getting stuff done.

It’s not AMC’s fault. I’m not really paying attention to their Fear Fest. They’re playing Halloween movies. Slasher films are just a good background. I guess.

We have AMC now. Weird that we’re only paying $5 per month to keep the Dish Network boxes. That way we only need to flip a switch when we’re ready to turn the service back on. YET we have some cool stations LIKE AMC (apparently we didn’t have it earlier because of the dispute).

I have a lot to do.

Freaking out a bit.

But it’s not AMC’s fault.

New Logo for the Lounge

New Logo for the Lounge

New Lounging with LannaLee Logo

New Lounging with LannaLee Logo

Thanks to Greg Daly at Brand Royal I have a new Lounging with LannaLee Logo! Greg did my first logo and he wanted to redo the couch. I liked the first couch, but this one will print better, methinks.

Thanks to Greg!

Regarding the Kansas trip, Working on behind-the-scenes stuff now. Not much else to report. Kind of freaking about my speech.

It’ll be okay, right?

Okay. Back to scheming.

Conversation with my Mom

Conversation with my Mom

A whole bunch of couchesEvery guest on Lounging with LannaLee gets a handmade couch. That is important to know up front. Another important piece of information, I’ve asked my mother (and my brother) to lounge with me on Lounging with LannaLee. They both refused. [The offer still stands.]

Yesterday I went shopping with my Mom. I needed her expert help, after all. I’m making my own iced tea and I was looking to purchase two containers: one in which to make the tea, the other in which to store it in the fridge. It necessitated a trip to Goodwill and other stores. Mom knew exactly where to go.

Success! Pyrex and Gallon Jug goodness!

Success! Pyrex and Gallon Jug goodness!

I found this Gallon jug, with a spout, for $2.99! Then we went to Bed, Bath and Beyond and I got the 2 Liter Pyrex measuring cup. Last night I whipped up a large batch of iced tea. Took a long time, but this is what happens when you go old school.

Anyway. While we were driving, Mom said, “I would like you to make me one of those couches, so I can put it up on the shelf.” I saw an opening. “Well, you know, the couches only go to those who lounge with me. You are more than welcome to lounge with me and earn the couch.”

So she does it. She pulls the I-gave-excruciatingly-painful-birth-to-you card.

“I gave excruciatingly painful birth to you!”

Guess I’m going to have to make my Mom a couch.

My Little “Coke” Experiment

My Little “Coke” Experiment

This was my last Coke for 30 Days

This was my last Coke for 30 Days

So far, so good! No Coke since October 4th! I’ve been tried a couple of times.

Here is a recap of what I’m doing, from my original post:

So from now until end-of-day November 4th I will quit drinking Coca-Cola.

Here is a list of my goals:

  • No Coke for 30 days

  • No substitute soda
  • Try to make own tea as much as possible
  • Drink water (ugh)

If I fall off the wagon, I have to start the 30 days over again. This is an important rule. Because one of the reasons why I think this will work is because I am not telling myself I can NEVER have a Coke again. I don’t think I could make it if I did. Instead, I am going to give it up for 30 days with the hopes of only having it for special occasions. I was drinking a lot less of it, but then things went all crazy with school and with my Dad and I kinda didn’t want to quit. I couldn’t bring myself too. Guess I’m ready to break the chain. For 30 days.

So far, I have hit every single goal. Not only have I not had Coke, I haven’t had any carbonated soda since October 4th.

Work was my problem place. I was drinking 2 or more Cokes a day. I still drink coffee and to substitute with Coke I make myself tea, Celestial Seasonings Herb Tea, Tangerine Orange Zinger, which tastes good hot or cold. I have a system and this week I hit my stride. Hey, I’ll do a pictorial next week, it’s quite a process.

At home quitting Coke not an issue. I started not drinking Coke at home a couple of years ago, sure I’d cheat now and again, but usually I would not have it in the house. My substitute for Coke was Arizona Iced Tea. But now I’m also cutting out pre-made iced tea (had to drink the rest in the house first). This weekend is my first weekend making my own tea at home. And my new challenge is to find a good system to do so. I’d rather make a bunch at once than keep making individual portions.

Going out: this is where I am most likely to take up drinking Coke again, dining at a restaurant. For now I’m substituting iced tea.

So far so good.

Hey, I talked to Elijah Young! (@elijahryoung)

Hey, I talked to Elijah Young! (@elijahryoung)

Elijah lounged with LannaLee and got a couch!

Elijah lounged with LannaLee and got a couch!

Great conversation with entrepreneur Elijah Young over at the lounge this week! We talked about football, business and Pro Wrestling. Among other things.

Get yourself over there

And while you’re at it, why don’t you give the Lounging with LannaLee POD1 line a call with your praise and/or feedback. You might make it onto the show! 207-200-POD1 | 207-200-7631

C’mon, Listen to the podcast. You know you wanna!



This is what I was greeted with when I get home.

Kitty Gauntlet: This is what I was greeted with when I get home.

The picture to the left has nothing to do with this post. Well, except for the fact that these lads were chillaxing in the hallway when I got home.

Tonight I went out. First for drinks after work with some co-workers, at Duffy’s Tavern and Grill in Kennebunk. I drank iced tea (NOT COKE! Yay me!). We snacked on snacky things. Then I high-tailed it to the Maine Tweetup at the Portland Regency Hotel‘s The Armory. There I had some more snacky things, but did not drink anything. Even water. I was too busy talking to people. People I just met tonight, others I haven’t seen in a couple of years, and still others I saw a few weeks ago. And the talking was fine.

I had to pull myself away.

It’s been a while since I’ve been so unabashedly talky. I missed that Lanna. She hasn’t been far, mind you. Tonight I was having so much fun talking, and I was feeling that pull to stay because I had that don’t-want-to-miss-anything-and-everyone-is-so-interesting-and-maybe-someone-will-say-something-funny-and-if-I-leave-I’ll-miss-that feeling. You know.

Is that the extroversion thing? If I’m not there, I might miss something fun. I like fun things!

Whatever it is, I’m glad to feel that pull again.

LLL On the Road Update

Oh crap. I forgot to write my post! Here is a very quick update.

I raised $560 on indiegogo and $422 in cash and checks: a total of $982. There were a total of 34 people who contributed, THANK YOU everyone.

Edmund and I moved some money around, so I went ahead and RENTED A CAR! Crazytalk! Now I won’t have to wonder how in the heck I’m getting to Hutchinson from Kansas. And maybe I’ll be able to drive around a bit.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be getting the exclusive content ready for my contributors and making the perks: writing poems, making monster art and plushes. More on that later.

Time for bed.