Open. Grateful. Status.

Open. Grateful. Status.

Pink!Status of Lanna == Good. Not great, mind you, but I have recovered some of my equanimity. This equanimity has been hard earned and runs the risk of shattering at any moment, but I will simply remain grateful for its presence.

In spite our finances, we had dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings tonight. Sometimes you just gotta. It was a great treat, and it served as my first real TEST since I gave up drinking CocaCola. Edmund got there first and without thinking, ordered me a Coke. It was sitting on the table as I walked in: bubbling merrily in its glistening glass. And I DIDN’T drink it. Even though I really, really, really wanted it. Instead I had Iced Tea. Now that’s winning!

And I’m grateful. Grateful to be alive. To be doing fun things. Grateful that so many of my friends and family have reached out to help me reach my goal to get to Kansas. Because of their (your) help, I bought my plane ticket this weekend and I am that much closer to getting there. There’s still 5 days left! My new goal for the indiegogo is to raise $1000 total on the site. More, of course, would be astounding. I get to keep everything I raise whether I meet my $3000 goal or not, so any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Also Grateful that my Mom is healthy and that Edmund and I are relatively healthy.

If you’ve been keeping score, Edmund’s Dad is still in rehab. They are going to transition him to a nursing home. It looks like he will not be quickly bouncing back from his paralysis. Otherwise, I hear he’s doing well. It’s very hard to be so far away.

Past my bedtime. Another grateful: CLEAN SHEETS!

In November I travel to Kansas to talk about how Facebook and Blogging helped me and my family through my father’s terminal illness. In order to go, I need your help. If you are able to give, please contribute to my in my indiegogo campaign. Any amount is greatly appreciated; if everyone gives me $5, I might even be able to rent a car when I’m there!

Here is where I explain why it is necessary for me to ask for your help.

Thanks for your support.

Lounging with LannaLee Goes On the Road

Please believe in me and support this endeavor.
It’ll make you stronger and better looking!