Elephant in the Room – Also: TMI

Elephant in the Room – Also: TMI

Last Night's Cheesy Dinner

Last Night’s Cheesy Dinner

Caution: descending into TMI (Too-Much-Information) really gross stuff zone. You have been warned.

Last Saturday I mentioned, in an off-hand way, that I’ve had my period for the last 30 days.

Well. It’s still going strong.

It seems to be petering out since this weekend. But the flow is still flowing. My body is catching up.

I don’t remember getting my menses when Dad was sick, or afterward. Any time from February until about June. I might have done, but I don’t remember. Stress will do that, and frankly, I had better things to worry about. Because of my issues, my doctor put me on a hormone replacement drug, one a day for 10 days, and told me to start taking it October 1st.

In the meantime my menses started, before October 1st. Like an idiot, because I knew I would be taking the drugs again in November (and didn’t want to take them while I was in Kansas) I decided to wait to start the pills. My period started on its own anyway. Maybe I didn’t need to take them. Maybe I’d wait until after my trip.


My period kept going.

And going.

And going.

It got to be around the 15th of the month and I decided I better start those damn pills.

The thing is, I’ve taken these hormone pills before (because this is not the first time I’ve had stress-related menses issues), and what they do is help the uterus clean itself out. Bleed itself out.

So since the 25th I’ve enjoyed an epic flow of epicness.

I wear two pads at a time. Yet, I’ve still bled through both pads.

I am so over this.