Archives for November 2, 2011

Observation: Shoes

I wrote this for my Memoir class. The assignment: Observation of a pair of shoes.

I’m wearing my green crocs. Well, they’re my green LL Bean knock off crocks. Hey, I’m sitting in the LL Bean building of the Maine Medical Center wearing my green LL Bean croc-type-equivalents.

My green croc-like LL Bean shoes are dirty. The left one was a black mark by the big toe. They are splotched with dirt and grime. I should probably wash them. That’s the thing about croc-like shoes, they are very washable. I wonder if my feet are swollen. My feet feel tight in my shoes. Clammy. If I flex my right foot, I can see a snaggly toenail from my great toe on that foot. I just slid my right foot out, it stuck a little as I did, making a sucking noise. My foot has little holes on it, where the air holes are on the not-crocs. Wow, these things are very dirty. I really should’ve washed them before I came to the hospital.

My Mom is napping in her room. My father is waiting with me in the solarium. While I do homework, he’s dozing in a chair. My Mom’s room is in the Richard’s building, the solarium is in the LL Bean building on the same floor. My brother stands in the doorway between the buildings and says “now I’m in LL Bean, now I’m in Richards. LL Bean. Richards. LL Bean.”

What do your shoes look like?