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Likely Suspects

On October 23, 2010, we picked Lenny and Squiggy up from the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland.
Nothing to see here, move along.

It was 2 weeks after Hunter passed. At one point, we were planning on getting a friend for Hunter, so this time our intention was to get two kittens. In any case, we needed 2 kitties to fill the void.

Edmund was working, but he arranged to take a longer lunch and meet me at the shelter. I went first to reconnoiter. Obviously, this was a decision we needed to make together. I walked all around the shelter, checking out the kitties. There were some tiny kittens right up front. There were a bunch of older cats. But right away it was Lenny and “Ted” who caught my eye.

Likely suspects. Crossing fingers.

As I waited for Edmund to arrive, I hovered near Lenny and “Ted”‘s cage. No one seemed interested in them, which was fine with me. But Edmund needed to agree. It was offered to me to be able to hold a cat or two, but I waited for Edmund. I didn’t want to fall in love with a kitty before he got there. When Edmund came in, he zeroed right in on Lenny and “Ted”‘s cage too.

When we held them we knew they were the ones for us. Lenny’s signature purr was in full force that day. Then Edmund looked at me and said, “We should call them Lenny & Squiggy.” The funny thing, earlier I had thought the same thing. Kismet.

So we brought them home.

Introducing Lenny and Squiggy (nee Ted)

When we brought them home, we locked them in my office st first. This way they wouldn’t be frightened by the new apartment. The plan was to let them acclimate for a couple of days before we brought them into the rest of the house. Later that afternoon, I opened the door and Squiggy barreled right out of the room and explored the apartment, with Lenny shadowing behind him.

They fit right in with us.

2  kittens approve of this open-window thing.

And although they get along extremely well, every now and again they have an awesome cat fight!

Are you a pet owner? Or are you owned by any pets? How did your furry friends come into your life?