Archives for November 4, 2011

Observation: Powder Blue

Here’s another observation exercise. This time it our assignment was to observe the inside of someone else’s car. I chose my friend (and co-worker) Donna’s car. I didn’t tell her before I did it. But, in case I got caught looking into a strange car, I figured it would be easier to explain to a friend than a stranger.

Standing next to Donna’s car. At a picnic table by the door, some other co-workers are eating, don’t think they can see me. Typing one-handed on my AlphaSmart 3000, it’s hard to type capital letters. Can hear clunking and back-up beeping from the Route 1 bridge construction. The sun is warm on the back of my head. There is a slight breeze that makes my hair blow in my face.

Donna’s car is powder blue. A Chevy. SUV something or other. I don’t know about cars. The back windows are tinted, I can’t see anything but the outline of two seats. I am distracted by the sound of the waterfall and the chirping of one persistent bird who wants to be heard over the cacophony of construction noises.

Donna backs her car in. Oh she has a trailblazer. Sometimes I have to think about what kind of car I have (a Dodge Grand Caravan) when asked I’ve been known to tell people the name of my favorite car (Ford Crown Vic).

My hand hurts. I wonder if I’ve written enough already.

Her front seats are spotless. No dirt on the floor, I’d assume she just cleaned her car, but I’ve seen her cube. It’s immaculate. On her antenna is a Mickey mouse-eared bobble, on her last car, a mini-van, which was not a Grand Caravan but I can’t remember what it was, she had a Tigger. I miss Tigger.

What is in your car?