Internet Diet

I think I need to go on an internet diet. As I write this post, on a Sunday (gearing up for a busy day at work and showing teens how to twist balloon animals on Monday or “Today”, if you prefer), I’ve been chilling at Panera Breads and I keep spending time flipping through Facebook and Twitter posts: not accomplishing anything.

This has been a trend, lately. And I need to do something about it, but what?

Part of the issue, too, is related to yesterday’s post: a good portion of what I am reading is emotionally distressing. And I am not emotionally equipped at this time to deal with it. And that’s okay.

I haven’t been too productive online. I think I would rather be “not productive” doing something like Reading or doing Word Puzzles or hanging out with Edmund (or any combination thereof). That seems like a better solution. Like Saturday I was “not productive”, but I did lots of word puzzles and I sat next to Edmund enjoying (or not) his choices in television programming, and that was nice.

Because I should be working on my blag, working on my podcast, promoting my podcast, working on my many websites, scheming for world domination, inviting people to be guests on my podcast, sewing couches; I could go on for a while, ad infinitum.

I know part of the issue is the depression thing I’ve got going on. I’m really trying to get a handle on it, through meds and counseling and breathing and shit.

And other (large) part of the issue is my attention to what I am doing. I don’t want to say discipline (although that may be part of it); what I see happening is that I look through the timeline without pleasure, reading stuff I’ve already read, and not stopping. I need to recognize that, wait a sec, I’m wasting time here, I’ve got to move on to something else. Anything else.

Maybe I should start with an egg timer. A timer. Time-out how long I spend surfing my social networks. Once I’ve done it for five or ten minutes, I have to move on to something else. Writing a blag post. Doing something creative. Creating something. Goofing off offline. Going for a walk (now that would be a novel concept).

Not on the table: leaving social media. Because it’s not social media that’s the problem, really. It’s my use of it. (Read: I am the problem.)

What do you think?