Text Shocker

Today I got a text message from my husband that caused me to have a panic attack.

He was writing a note to himself (kinda) about some drugs they gave him when he was ill. He ended the text with “MMC Er” (the location he was in when the drugs were administered.)

I thought he was in the emergency room.

I panicked.

First I call his cell; since he texted me, he should be able to answer the phone. It goes right to voice mail.

Then I call the hospital. No mention of Edmund Davis-Quinn in the system. No mention of Edmund Davis, even.

Maybe he hasn’t been checked in, they say.

I am wondering what to do, should I just go to the hospital? Well, if he is well enough to text me, he might be okay, I’m thinking. But the drugs he listed were pretty scary. He was fine this morning. I know he’s been depressed, but I had no idea what could’ve precipitated a visit to the ER. What happened?

I try to do what my therapist told me to do and BREATHE!

(I’ve been practicing with the breathing; I have been getting better at it.)

I call his cell again and he picks up!

He’s fine, he was seeing his therapist and he just wanted a record of the drugs they gave him in April.

His reply: “Adding in April would have helped”

No shit, Sherlock.

I should watch some Sherlock on the teevee.

I think there’s a movie I want to see.

I’m ready for some dinner. Do I want to make macaroni and tomatoes, or do I just have some yogurt and frozen blueberries. Or both!

I guess I’m feeling better.

I bet this will be funny by tomorrow.