Dreamscape with @rurugby and @djnorequest

The other night I had a crazy dream, and both Edmund (@rurugby) and our friend Greg (@djnorequest) were in it.

We all worked at the same call center (or business with a call center). I was in another department, and they wanted to train me to be a call center rep. I did it very well.

Edmund was the uber-call center rep. They had a “What would Edmund do?” system. He was the king of the call center. I thumbed through a photo album that had a contest based on Edmund’s call-center-fu.

I’m not sure what Greg was doing, but he was in it. Maybe for eye-candy?

They asked me to see a shrink for an one-off evaluation (shades of a Criminal Minds episode I saw the day before), who agreed that I probably should see a shrink regularly, but it was okay that I didn’t.

What lessons can I infer from this dream? That I’m worried that I should see a shrink? That Edmund is a great call center rep? That Greg shows up once in a while?

I don’t know. Maybe it was just a weird dream.