Luke and Will Lounged with LannaLee and got a couch!

Luke and Will Lounged with LannaLee and got a couch! [Look for the episode on December 13th!]

Sigh. Talked to fellow Piscataquis County natives Luke and Will Mallett tonight for Lounging with LannaLee. Aren’t they dreamy?

Bonafide Rockers! Well, Northwoods Country Rock and Rollers. Gracious with their time, we talked for around 50 minutes. Legit musicians who tour and stuff. I bet they have groupies (who am I kidding, look at them, they MUST HAVE groupies!) Oh, and Will was Cosmopolitan Magazine Maine’s hottest bachelor for 2011. (I didn’t ask him about it. Missed opportunity.)

Sorry ladies, they are both in relationships. I checked. [Shaddup.]

Their band is kickass. They’re working on their third album, which will be out next year sometime, so keep an eye out for it. [Included a couple of their videos below so you can see what I mean.]

In other news, a bunch of people at work went in on some (70) Powerball tickets, so now, with the 5 chances I bought yesterday, I have a total of 75 chances to win. C’mon BIG MONEY!