Still Not Feeling it. Is it a Thankful thing?

Still Not Feeling it. Is it a Thankful thing?

Dad and Dustin eating.

Dad and Dustin eating.

So, still not feeling like blagging. That’s okay. Going to try it anyway.

I’ve been thinking about talking about being Thankful for a while now. It’s a meme of the season: I have several Facebook friends who are giving a thing they feel Thankful about every day. That’s not for me. Not this year.

Don’t get me wrong. I am thankful for many things. My husband. My Mom. My brother. My job. My kitties. My podcast. My Kindle Fire. Doctor Who.


If I think too much on things I’m thankful for, invariably I think of my Dad. And that makes me Sad. I don’t want to be sad anymore.

I suppose it will eventually be a gentle hurt, a kind remembrance. I have good memories of my childhood and my father. I am blessed with a loving family, not perfect, but almost so. For that I am thankful. But to know how lucky I’ve been doesn’t REALLY help. All I can think of is that I wish he were still here.

We are coming up on one of my Dad’s favorite holidays: Thanksgiving. I mean, c’mon, a whole day centering on eating? Dad was in like Flynn. More than that, it was getting together with family. Our small family unit plus any others who wanted to join. Alas, two of our regulars have died in the last year. Cousin Benny Howard passed in October 2011 and Dot Mithee passed in June 2012. Too much change. Too fast.

This Thursday I plan on hanging with my Mom, my brother Bill and Eddie. We will eat up a storm. We will have fun. We might cry a bit; that’s okay too.

Mom, Eddie and I are going to a Comedy show Wednesday night to set the mood. Dad would approve.

I should’ve posted these yesterday. Pictures from our outing to go Curling in Belfast. And a good time was had by all. Pictured are Edmund, Keith, and Keith’s sons.