We are sitting in vigil with Dad. He seems to be in some distress, and we’ve started giving him more medications. This might be it, or not. We aren’t sure. Instead of taking things a day at a time, we’re going on an hour at a time. We’ve all been assured that this is a natural progression of dying. Whatever.

We’re still moving Mom and Dad to the mobile home tomorrow. Dad would want us to do it because he’d want Mom to be all set. It’s just another glorious day in suck city!

Aunt Barbara and Cousin Suzy are here with us. We’re all going to have a slumber party with Dad tonight. Bill’s going to go up and sleep in Mom’s room, he’s running this rodeo tomorrow and will need the rest.

I must say, in spite of what is going on, we are fairly upbeat. Having Suzy here is a big help, she’s a firecracker and helps lighten the mood. And she laughs at all the wrong jokes Bill and I tell – and then she makes her own.