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Kinda Blah

Kinda Blah

Lenny Helps Us Play Splendor

Feeling kinda blah. Like, not totally blah. Just kinda. Dealing with a cold and it’s funtimes of coughing and whatnot.

I slept in today, and lazed about. I aimlessly looked at the internet. I wasted a lot of time. I feel kinda bad about it only because yesterday was a wash too.

I guess I keep feeling better. If I don’t cough up a lung when I go to sleep, that will be nice.

Note: my cold is annoying but not alarming. Slight stuffiness. Coughing (which has abated). You don’t need to do an internet intervention.

I had big plans of getting a head start on my day-job work today, but shiny things kept getting in the way. (Like watching interviews from the cast/producers/writers of American Gods, and inspiration porn on the interwebs.)

Maybe I just needed another restful day. And now I am endeavoring to get to sleep before midnight so I can get a full 8 hours of sleep (I have 15 minutes to go!)

Things I did do today: call my Mom – but to no avail, she did not pick up the phone; watch new episode of American Gods, only one left!; bathed – not necessarily in that order.

[Spoiler: (not about American Gods) you might have noticed this is the third day in a row I’ve made posts, because yes, I decided to try posting every day on my blag again. Don’t tell anyone tho, I am not sure I am committed yet.]

CPAP Nation – or something like that

CPAP Nation – or something like that

CPAP mask cushions awaiting use

At the end of last May I started using a CPAP Machine. I blogged about that in depth here. Far be it for me to repeat myself.

So. 1 year later. What are my thoughts? I am not giddy about the CPAP thing. When I wake up I have puffy face with lines all over it. When I have a cold (like now) it sucks to be coughing into the cushion and have air being forced down my throat when my nose is plugged and to be coughing at the same time. (Or should I say it BLOWS?!)

However, I have noticed a major difference in my sleepiness. I no longer feel sleepy when I need to do a longer car trip. Before CPAP, every time I needed to do a two-hour one way trip by myself on the way back I would always need to stop and sleep. That’s no longer happening. I guess I get a normal amount of sleepy now.

My pulmonologist says I am a model patient. I use the mask every night, and my average number of apnea-type incidences per hour are around zero.

A few months ago I had a cold, with the runny and stuffed up nose and subsequent grossness and decided that I would take a break from using the CPAP machine for the night. I’ve been told it’s okay to take a break, and I figured that would be the night.

I woke up choking. I couldn’t breathe. I decided that I would muddle through with the cold and deal with cleaning my mask extra good the next morning, and strapped my mask back on. It really hit home to me that this was what was happening ALL THE TIME before my CPAP machine came along. It was DANGEROUS.

The only times I don’t use the mask now are when I take surreptitious naps in my barcalounger (or I am in a car or on a plane or bus or train) – times where I am sitting up. Otherwise I use the CPAP.

My husband was also tested around the same time, he’s not as bad off as I am, but we have matching machines, and matching sexy (totally non-cockblocky) masks.

So if your partner suggests you get tested or if you get tested and they say you are a candidate for the CPAP machine I recommend it highly. I mean, sometimes it BLOWS, but at least you know you aren’t suffocating while you sleep anymore. And it gets rid of the snoring noise too. So you become easier to sleep with.

And see how sexy the mask is… RAWR! I’m a beast in it!

A Loss for Kansas & the USA – #besparkly RIP @PatsyTerrell

A Loss for Kansas & the USA – #besparkly RIP @PatsyTerrell

Patsy Lounges with LannaLee and gets a couch!Here is the thing. I found out about Patsy Terrell’s death via Social Media. That’s also where I met her. Through Social Media.

A few years ago (in 2012) a few months after my father died, I went to Hutchinson Kansas to speak at the Small Town 140 conf. There I met many lovely people, and one of those was Patsy Terrell. She was a writer, activist, and she taught people how to use Social media. I had her on my podcast (Lounging with Lanna Lee), and we had a great, heartfelt conversation. We went to some events together and she and her BFF Greg Holmes met me for lunch at Roy’s BBQ. We kept up on Facebook.

Last year, seeing the need for change in her state, Patsy ran Representative in the Kansas State senate. She won, and I’ve enjoyed following along with her successes.

And it sucks that she is gone. She was doing so much, always growing, and always trying to make the world a better place, even before she ran for office. She made me want to be a better person.

She was only in office for a few months, but Patsy made strides, helping overhaul the Kansas tax system. To honor her memory, some of her colleagues wore bright colors and sparkly brooches, because Patsy LOVED to #besparkly!

Patsy and I were acquaintances. I would call her a friend, and I’d like to think she’d call me a friend. But we weren’t close friends. But if we were closer geographically, I am sure we’d have hung out more. We were Facebook Tight. I am grateful to have known Patsy.

The world is a dimmer place without you, Patsy.