Data Crunching

Today I am crunching the data. Making and recoding variables in SPSS. Preparing everything for Wincross. My Datasets have 1908 variables (columns). And I LIKE IT!

My favorite thing is working a data challenge, and today brought that in spades.

Right now I am working on combining three datasets, each with 1908 variables, and it is taking a very. long. time. Ah. Finally done.

Now I can get in my car and drive home.

Wait. Let me just start this one thing before I leave.

Another holding pattern. I am making 1867 data tables with a click of a button. [Each table takes a few seconds to generate.] You don’t need to understand, just know that it is COOL! Data crunching is COOL!

Working late on a Monday – but that’s okay because I am crunching the DATA!

I’ve had to pull out all the stops today buy using Java (not Javascript, Java) and Excel and SPSS to create and label and rename and manipulate and caress and hug-

Okay. Maybe not hug. But you know what I mean!

Holding pattern over. Now time to go home.

Not sure what my plans are for tonight. Probably some reading or some Fringe. Edmund might watch the Fringe with me, if I’m lucky.