Not So Deep

Trying to think of something to blog blag about. I’ve got a Gollum toy on the top of a bookshelf. Been musing on writing down my manifesto (Lannafesto) of things I care about. And then I think, I don’t want to be so deep.

Shallow. It’s time for me to be shallow.

Watching Buffy helps. Yes. I started watching Buffy again at episode 1.

I can quit at any time.

Why don’t I want to be deep?

Too much effort. I might need to make a stand. I’m working on surviving.

Maybe I’m deep in my shallowness. You know. My not-so-deepness has a heft not normally seen.

Something like that.

I want to be a better person, but it smacks of a whole lot of effort I can’t spare.

My focus is with my work, my hubby and family, and my podcast. Saving the world can go to someone else.

Sure, one could argue that my podcast is saving or changing the world. Or has the potential to do so. But I don’t have any ROI* figures for that. And I don’t need the pressure, thank you.

So – not so deep. That’s me.

*ROI=return on investment