Laundry, Or: Suds of Despair

Laundry, Or: Suds of Despair

Laundromat in WestbrookI had one thing I need to accomplish today. Guess what it was. Yup. Laundry.

You see, the thing about laundry is that it’s not too difficult to do, but, because we rent and we don’t have a washer/dryer, we are required to go to the laundromat. Even the laundromat isn’t too bad. Within one-and-a-half/two hours you can do several loads of laundry. What the real issue with going to the laundromat is a) getting up the gumption to put the laundry in baskets or bags, and b) getting those baskets and bags out to the car, and c) going to the laundromat.

Laundry bags are easier. We live on the second floor and, when we’re ready we throw the laundry bags down the stairwell. Very satisfying. I totally recommend it. [Note: first make sure there is nothing breakable in the way.]

Then there’s the “hand wash”. These are all my delicate and work shirts I wash separately and do not put in the dryer. That way, the clothes last longer. I used to wash these clothes by hand and wring them out, wrapped in a towel. Now we use a separate washer on the gentle cycle. And put them on a drying rack in the living room when we get home.

And then there is the laundromat. Not only is it usually grey and dank and smells like musty feet; while there you run the risk of encountering a creepy laundry person. You know what I mean about the creepy laundry person, (CLP for short), don’t you? The CLP takes many guises, but often he or she will stare at you while you’re folding your undies, bring you into awkward and unwelcome conversations, or both. The CLP might smell or have crazy hair. If you see the creepy laundry person, do not engage. I repeat, do not engage. It may not end well.


Today there was no creepy laundry person at the laundromat. Everyone seemed fairly normal. And I wondered if there was a rule that all laundromats had to have a CLP, and if so, what did it mean that I didn’t see any CLPs at the laundromat today. Did it mean that, by process of elimination, I was now the creepy laundry person? Is there a continuum of CLP, and the most creepy person always wins CLP status?

Sometimes it’s best not to keep asking yourself questions.

Regardless, I did laundry today. It is done. Now I am home and all is fine. No creepy laundry person to see here, folks!