Podcast Philosophy

Podcast Philosophy

New Site: Lounging with LannaSpent my evening updating the Lounging with LannaLee site. Going to start approaching guests soon. Nervous about that. [So if I ask you to be a guest, say yes, okay?]

As a matter of course, I’ve been thinking about my podcast philosophy. Namely, what is it? With today’s technology I have many options I could use to record a podcast remotely, but I chose an in-person format. To that end, I use a portable recording device, (the Zoom H2 Handy Portable Stereo Recorder), it takes two AA batteries and uses an SD card to store the data. It’s designed for musicians to use for rehearsals, and can record from either 2 or 4 directions. It’s small and light and it makes it so I don’t have to lug my computer around. I can record a podcast anywhere.

In 2009 I was a guest on a podcast called Word on The Tweet, which was hosted by Jeff Parsons and Fred Abaroa. They recorded it using Skype. All the guests logged in and connected to Jeff’s Skype account, he recorded it and mixed it, and published it soon afterward. While there was a lively discussion, I couldn’t help but to feel disconnected from the other guests. That said, I was hooked. I thought “I could do a podcast!” So I did.

Since then, I started two podcasts. Each was with a co-host. I asked Alexis Lyon to collaborate with me on The Lex and Lanna Show because we had so many things in common and because we had great conversations. And because she is super cool. The Bureau of Awesome podcast came about because I had purchased the URL and didn’t know what to do about it. My husband, Edmund Charles Davis-Quinn, and I had talked about doing a podcast together, and finally decided why not just do it.

My Ultimate goal was to do my own show. Here’s the thing: I collect all these cool friends and acquaintances and I feel they should all get to know each other. So that’s what I’m going to do.

The allure to podcast hosting for me is the personal interaction I have with my co-hosts and guests. It’s that magic that happens when two or more people are in the room and looking at each other. In this day of remote this and remote that, I prefer the connection that happens when you’re live, communicating openly, and belly laughing. I hope to catch that magic in my new venture, Lounging with LannaLee.