I Hate Shopping

I Hate Shopping

GoodwillI hate shopping. When I go to a store I have a plan. I have something I want to purchase. Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t browse. I might go to Target expressly to pick up toilet paper (the store brand 2-ply is the best), but I am not opposed to swinging by the book department or videos to see what’s available. If I’m shopping for groceries without a list I might walk through every aisle to make sure I don’t forget anything. However, to walk across the Maine Mall without a purpose, that I can’t do.

My pal Trisha is in town (as I mentioned yesterday’s blag post), and today we went shopping. First place we went was David’s Bridal shop at the Maine Mall. Trisha needs a dress for a wedding she’s in. I went with her. I am not a David’s Bridal kind of gal. [I bought my wedding dress from Torrid, it was off the rack and appropriate for me, but not a traditionally modern dress. I tried on a couple of dresses at David’s Bridal and I hated all of them. My dress cost $115 and I’ve worn it many times since. It was a great investment.] When Trish told the attendant she was there because her friend was getting married, one of the saleswomen gushed “That is great!” And I laughed out loud. Take it back a notch, I thought. A bit too ebullient for my taste.

After David’s Bridal we went to The Apple Store, Macy’s and Catherine’s. All Fairly normal.

The next stop was at Goodwill in South Portland. This was my first time. Let me tell you this, if there is any store that requires a “browsing” ability, it’s Goodwill. Otherwise you won’t find anything you need. Trisha was looking for sweaters and clothing that she’d like. I didn’t need anything. I didn’t have extra money to burn. I looked at stuff. And I was bored. But Trisha was visiting! And she is fun! And she was having fun! And she was whipping through those sweaters like it was going out of style. And all I could smell was musty stuff that was not for me. So I had to make a decision. Would I stay or would I go?

I told Trisha I was going to wait in the car. (She knows I hate shopping.) And I told her to take her time, and that if I stayed in the store I’d probably be a killjoy. So that’s what I did. I went out to my car and read my romance novel while Trisha shopped.