Lounging with LannaLee’s New Mission. Just like the old mission, just explicated. And better.

Lounging with LannaLee’s New Mission. Just like the old mission, just explicated. And better.

Lounging with LannaLeeI think I’ve got it. I’ve really got it.

Note: I’m an extrovert and I think out loud. Here is me, thinking out loud on my blag.

That’s what the blag is for, isn’t it?

As you all know, I’ve been going through some shit around here: death, illness, depression, wah wah wah, woe is me. Add to that the current newsy things going on in the world, like the Zimmerman trial, the attacks all over on women’s rights. Sure we have some good things going on (gay marriage for one), but marriage equality is still lacking in many states.

I want to do something about it. But what? I want to make the world a better place. But how?

It came to me the other day, I’m ALREADY doing something. Through the Lounge! I am:

Making a Difference through adventurous conversations.


Here are but a few examples:

  • LLL063 published on 5/30/2013: me and my pal Ida talk about Love and Loss and Life and Death – a heart to heart conversation full of fantastic belly laughter. That conversation with Ida encouraged me to Walk my Walk.
  • LLL054 published on 3/28/2013: my friend Elizabeth talks about her work with families who have children with autism, and her passion for helping women find their power, and she wonders “What in the Hell was I Thinking!” Again, there were belly laughs.
  • LLL003 published on 3/15/2012: lest you think only recent lounges make a difference, you should take a listen to my conversation with Julie Woods – who will be achieving world domination through love. (Don’t doubt her, people). When I was done with that conversation, I thought I could do ANYTHING. And: Belly Laughs!
  • LLL024 published on 08/30/2012: My conversation with Steve Trombulak we talk about how he and his partner helped a village in Ghana make their drums speak again. We also discussed how to help the ecology: it’s not just about hugging the earth hard enough. (We laughed too.)
  • LLL067 published on 07/05/2013: When I saw Angela Shelton speak at the #140You conference about how she healed herself after a traumatic childhood, I laughed so hard, I knew I had to get her for the show. She and I had a fantastic conversation on the streets of New York City about her journey and how doing a documentary (where she went around the country meeting a bunch of women named Angela Shelton) changed her life.

I am Making a Difference through adventurous conversations.

Of course I want to do more. But what?

Last night it hit me. Like a brick. A brain brick. You know, one of those clue bricks you get once and a while.

Interject to say: this whole clue brick was precipitated by a blog post by my pal Alex Steed, where he talks to musician Samuel James about the Zimmerman case, entitled: No, We are Not “Making it about Race” (And “they” weren’t – the Zimmerman case IS about race. Even this white girl can see it.)

Anyway. I had already established I was Making a Difference through adventurous conversations. My clue brick was the HOW.

Starting now, every Lounging with LannaLee episode will have, as part of it, the following two questions:

  1. How can we as a society make the world a better place?
  2. How do you make the world a better place? (Can you? Will you?)

The agenda will still be to have a great conversation, of course.

But now we are gearing up to rule the world.