Reverend Lanna Lee

Reverend Lanna Lee

Did you know I was a Reverend? I am.

No worries if you didn’t know, even though I’ve been a Reverend since 2004, I kinda forgot.

But then the Voters in Maine passed the Yes on 1 initiative legalizing Gay Marriage and local branding and design firm Might & Main set up this website for those who would marry ALL those who wish to marry in the State of Maine.

I remembered: I’m a Reverend! Through some email investigation I found out when I applied (August, 2004), and I contacted the Universal Life Church to confirm. They are sending my updated certificate via mail as we speak.

So. Here is the deal. I am legal to perform wedding ceremonies in the Great State of Maine. I am on the side of love and would love to officiate a wonderful wedding ceremony for any loving couple, no matter the orientation or gender or whatnot. Did I say I “would love”? I’d be STOKED to marry any loving couple.

I might even do a little dance.