Sluggish Saturday

Sluggish Saturday

Powerball Possibilities!

Powerball Possibilities!

I did not sleep in today; in fact, I got less than 4 hours sleep last night. And, although I drifted off to sleep several times, I did not take a nap. So you can imagine that, as it is after 10 pm, I am super tired.

What did I do today?

I woke up because the cat (LENNY!) was running back and forth across our basement hallway into our bedroom. Lenny is 18 lbs of fun, so as you might have guessed, it was very loud.

I bathed. I put my compression socks on. I ate cookies for breakfast and drank some chai tea. I came downstairs to my office to listlessly peruse the internet. Edmund ordered lunch from the local Chinese restaurant (I usually love what I get, but their chicken fried rice was awful.)

I did a load of laundry, where this happened:

I fixed it by washing my clothes TWO TIMES in the rapid wash (rather than once in Normal). And pouring hot tap water in the dispenser.

After that I realized I did not have a PowerBall ticket. That’s misleading as I usually DON’T have a PowerBall Ticket, but today I figured, what the hey. And now I have 3!

I also picked up pizza at Domino’s for dinner because cooking was not in the cards for either of us.

During Dinner Edmund and I played card game, and I kicked his Ass. So that was good. Then we watched the first 4 episodes of Ash vs Evil Dead, which was a lot of fun: funny, gory, and scary all at once. Loved it.

And now it’s almost 11, and I should be on my way to bed.

Wonder how that’s going to go.