Heavy Heart

Heavy Heart

Giariel, Me, Sethlan, Orion & Bernie

Giariel, Me, Sethlan, Orion & Bernie in 2011

Earlier today I heard that a friend of mine, a fellow student in the Faery Seership path, was in the ICU. I was concerned, but as I saw her last October, and she seemed hale and hearty, not overly so. I sent healing energy (said a prayer), and figured I would check in later. Well, things progressed very quickly, and she passed a little before 8 pm tonight.

Bernadine Weeks, we called her Bernie, was one of those larger-than-life sorts. She was smart, and kind, and the epitome of being a life-long-learner. Sometimes she drove me nuts. I KNOW I drove her nuts. And I am pissed that we won’t be able to drive each other nuts anymore. Unless she haunts me or something (NOT AN INVITATION, BERNIE.)

Me, Sethlan, Orion and Bernie, Circa 2011

Me, Sethlan, Orion and Bernie, Circa 2011 – the same kind of picture, only less blurry and minus Giariel

I’ve known Bernie since the late 1990s, and she always made me feel included. When I needed a place to stay, Bernie opened her house for me without reservation. When I was going through the toughest times of my life, she was there, joining the other people in my cohort/class in providing the emotional support I needed to get through and do the things I needed to do.

Bernie was always there. And she effortlessly made everyone feel welcome. She was passionate and she respected her passions by pursuing them wholeheartedly.

My heart goes out to Bernie’s family, I know they are reeling. Too soon.

And for Bernie, maybe she’s still here? Maybe she’s gone off to another dimension? Whatever the case, I wish her peace and happiness on her journey.