Pilgrimage circa 2015

My friend Robyn Mellish, Robyn Mellish: On A Pilgrims Path, has gone and done it. She quit her job, gave up her apartment, got rid of most of her stuff (put the rest in storage), and left the United States for an extended walk-about in Ireland. She is on her very own Pilgrimage.

And lucky for us, she is blogging about it.

And I want you to read it! So much fun.

Start out with her first post: STAR TREK HAS A LOT TO ANSWER FOR and navigate to the next one at the bottom of the page (Hint, it’s BUMPY ROAD AHEAD…). At this time, there are only a couple of weeks of posts to go through, so it won’t take a lot of time for you to catch up.

And then do what I did: sign up on her mailing list to get her posts emailed to you – so you won’t miss a thing. (You can sign up on her homepage here: Robyn Mellish: On A Pilgrims Path.)

Her writing is honest and funny and her journey is fascinating.

Would you give up your life and all its trappings to step away from it all? What happens if you do?

Why not live vicariously through Robyn, who is doing the brave thing and is writing about it with truth and vulnerability.