Shopping with Mom

I never got the hang of shopping. You know, when you go from store to store, checking out the goods just to see what’s what.

When I go shopping it is usually because I need something. Sure, sometimes I browse while shopping,  but when I am at the store I have an agenda to purchase something.

Today I had a list of stuff I needed to get. So I invited my Mom to come with me.

You see, my Mom loves shopping. Weird,  huh? She jokes (today even) that I was switched at birth.

When I am done shopping I am usually ready to go. I don’t mind waiting,  especially if I have a book. But I’ll do said waiting in the car.

Oftentimes when Ed and I are together and we only need a few things,  I’ll convince Edmund to go in without me. Again I wait in the car. That totally works for me.

Ok, falling asleep while writing this.  Time for bed.