Reading Glut

On my 13th book since Monday. The time is melding together. I can’t remember what I read when.

Should be doing many things. Instead I’m reading.

Yesterday I took time out from my reading/naptime to wsh out the kitchen garbage can. With soap AND bleach. 

Today I threw caution to the wind and took a shower.

I am avoiding cleaning my office.  I would blame Edmund as he is sleeping in the next room, so I have the perfect I-don’t-want-to-disturb-him excuse ready. But that is not fair. He would likely not be disturbed. Or I could manage NOT to disturb him.

What I should do is go bed soon and get up early to clean office.  (I am on vacation for the rest of the week, and will be home tomorrow.)

I will continue to read the current book I am reading. I will consider moving to bedroom, which might help me go to bed sooner.

Which will be fine if I can resist starting book 14.