I say POW to Internet Negativity

I say POW to Internet Negativity

Take THAT Negativity! [Lanna punching at injustice on the interwebs]

Take THAT Negativity!

As I write this, the internet is up in arms about Ben Affleck being cast as the new Batman in an upcoming Superman Movie. Some people are really pissed. And I don’t get it.

And the thing that pisses me off (at myself) is that I get drawn into these things. This internet Negativity. People get up in arms about some injustice or another, and I start having panic attacks. Oh look, another person was mean to someone else. Oh look, Ben Affleck is new Batman. Oh look, fat people are being maligned because of their fatness (again). Oh look, some lawmaker passes (or even tries to pass) some draconian law, and I wonder if this whole country is going to hell in a handbasket.

Whatever that means (Hell in a handbasket). [I am not googling it. No way.]

So I say POW to Internet Negativity! I will NOT click on that link to the incendiary article that will be sure to either piss me off or make me sad for ‘Merica. I will SHARE lol cats and fun videos. And whenever I can, I will ROCK a flowing newspaper wig:

Tell the truth: This is a Women’s World. This is a Women’s World.