I Forgot To Blag

Had a fantastic week at the National Poetry Slam in Boston Mass, and I was so busy I forgot to blag on Friday and Saturday. And yesterday I was too busy recouping (by reading, inter-species snorgling with the kitties, and napping) I didn’t want to turn on my computer. So, I think I’m going to let it go and keep it real – as of right now I won’t “go back in time” to repost the missing days. I will have a blank 3 days on my blag. I think I can live with that.

Last night I dreamt everyone was talking to me in Slam. Like it was a regular conversation and they were slamming it. Which is funny, because at the NPS picnic on Saturday one of the poets was doing this. “I’m going to walk to the hotel…” etc. (Which was funny. I loled and shit.)

There was one restaurant I went to on Friday that was a revelation: Life Alive in Cambridge. I just went in to hang out and get a snack. So I got a smoothie (Elvis Alive) and a side order of Cucumbers. And then someone was eating a dish called The Rebel, right beside me. It looked so delicious, I had to have me one. So I got me one. And another Elvis Alive. And then I ate too much.

I have never eaten too much at a vegetarian restaurant, people. I did not know it was possible.

But it got me thinking, I loved this food, everything I had was vegan, and I should be eating more of it. So tonight I made up my own recipe, loosely based on The Rebel. I roasted some beets (with olive oil and garlic), made a mixture of brown and wild rice, and sauteed some tofu, green and red peppers in the beet juice. On top I liberally sprinkled (sprinkled liberally?) some flax seeds. It came out tasting pretty good. Even though it took ONE HOUR AND FIFTEEN MINUTES to roast the damn beets. [Next time I’m going to cut them up first. Dammit.]