The Snow, She’s a Comin’

The Snow, She’s a Comin’

Have you heard? The Northeast is due to get a whopper of a snow storm tomorrow into Saturday.

Joe Cupo Makes his predictions on WCSH6

Joe Cupo Makes his predictions on WCSH6. The reasonable prediction is 24″. Pictured is the unreasonable prediction, 32″.

The local news has been talking about it for days. I heard some reports calling for 4 inches of snow and others calling for 6 feet! Snow taller than me!

Of course, the closer the storm comes, the better the predictions. Right now we are hearing, for the Portland area, we could get between 18 – 24 inches. Since we can get a foot in a normal storm, it shouldn’t be too bad.

Part of me is thrilled with the thought of getting more snow. Lots of snow. Some reports are saying 40-44 inches – close to 4 feet of snow! Adventurous-Lanna says “YAY! That sounds cool!” Practical-Lanna says, “oh no, that would not be good.” Not-wanting-to-touch-a-shovel-Lanna says, “let’s try the 4 inches, why don’t we?”

Where Edmund and I live we don’t need to shovel. Our (blind) landlord gets the stairs (front and rear outdoor fire escape). Our cars are parked in a parking lot shared by the Westbrook housing association, if we move the cars, the spaces are magically plowed out for us. We are very blessed. However, if we get slammed with a lot of snow, we might need to shovel our cars out or something. Smacks of effort.

There have times where we get huge snowfall predictions and the storm never shows up. I’ll admit it, sometimes I get disappointed when this happens. It seems clear that this time we will be getting snow, at the least, my hopes will not be dashed.

Let me go on record that my hopes for this storm is that everyone makes it though without too much trouble.

Let it snow, but don’t be a bother about it.