Christmas Eve Festivities

Christmas Eve Festivities

Dot and Edmund Pre-ShaveTonight Edmund shaved Dot’s head. Wait a minute, let’s start at the beginning.

Today Edmund and I got up first thing (8:15 am) and got ready to pick up Dot (my Mom’s BFF since forever) in Hallowell. We left our house at 10:15, got some MickyD’s for breakfast and sped up Interstate 95 toward Hallowell. We grabbed her from her apartment and drover her back to the WB (Westbrook) and my parent’s house. In the mean time, Bill (my younger brother) drove down from way up North, and we met well. And ate many things. Like cheese and meats and cookies and chocolates and such. And things like this:

Garlicky Cream Cheesey Bready Wreath

And this:

Chicken Wrapped in Bacon. Sweet Bacon.

I talked Bill and Dot into going to see the new Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows movie with me. And we saw it and it was fine. Then back to my parent’s house for more food. Mmmmmm.

Dot wanted her head shaved. She just went through some chemotherapy and it’s falling out, so she wanted to help mother nature along. My brother brought his clippers and the intention was to have him do it. Bill asked Ed if he’d do it and Ed said sure! And I helped. By whipping out the camera!

It begins! The De-hairination

View During

Love these faces! My fave picture in this set.

And after. A job well done.

Now I’m home and getting ready to go to bed. Tomorrow we will be going back over to my parent’s house for more food, to open some presents and tease each other senseless. It’s a beautiful thing.

Merry Christmas everyone!

What are you doing for Christmas? If you don’t celebrate Christmas, do you treat it as just another day?