Here comes the sun

Here comes the sun

Fire in the WBMy landlords invited us downstairs for pizza and a little solstice bon fire. Now my hair smells like smoke. Then we went in an took a look at their Christmas Tree. Kathy collects Hallmark ornaments, she has over 4000 of them, and she picks a theme every year. This year it was birds. She thought of doing a Star Wars/Star Trek theme – I told her she’d have to invite us in to see that.

Then Ed and I played Dominion. And I DOMINATED Edmund – I won two games in a row. And then we stopped playing. Because I was on a roll and didn’t want to end it. This is because Edmund usually wins. We’re fairly evenly matched, for the most part, but Edmund usually wins in whatever game we play. It gets frustrating. Usually I win enough times to make it still interesting for me to play, but I’ve had a pretty bad losing streak in the past month, so I will rest on my laurels.

And then I watched the latest episode of American Horror Story, which is also the last of the season. A fantastic show – yet the season finale has me flummoxed. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t watched it, but if I see you in person and you want to discuss the show with me, let me know.

And when I am done writing here, I am going to read a book. This book, to be exact. A fun, light, frothy romance with humor and stuff.

Like Edmund, I am having a dull night. Not that my night was dull, far from it. But I am dull. My brain is dull. Brilliance is not to be had. And that’s okay. I will read my book, and cuddle with the hubby, and be grateful for this gorgeous day.