Lanna Will Be – Facebook Meme Funness

My friend Margo tagged me on Facebook with the request:

Go to google. Type in your name and the words “will be,” all in quotes, as in “lanna will be.” Write down the first ten you find.

This is where it gets a bit weird. In Thailand “Lanna (English One Million Rice Fields, Thai: ล้านนา) was a kingdom in the north… around the city of Chiang Mai.” ( Apparently Lanna is pretty popular in Thai culture.

Here are the first 10 unique entries:

1. activities operated by Khum Lanna will be on join-in basis
2. Thai Lanna will be closed on Saturday, September 30th, 2006 for Ming and Ratana’s 30th year anniversary. We apologize for any inconvenieces
3. The northern culture of LANNA will be focused on during the SONGKRAN festival in CHIANG MAI, with about three billion baht worth of tourist earnings
4. LANNA will be using her real psychic ability and her accute powers of psychic clairvoyance,and her tarot cards to give you the answers that
5. The friendly staff at Lanna will be happy to help you with all of your dining needs.
6. The soldier greeted Dutch Dank with unwonted cordiality as he rode by, whispering to himself, “Lanna will be alone.”
7. Chiangmai folks believe deeply those who have been blessed by the Saint Lanna will be remained in a state of peaceful & happiness for his/her entire life.
8. Lanna will be humming to herself why deciding what to wear when going … (option 1) At first Lanna will be offended, since she did her very …
9. People in Lanna will be required to speak Khammuang ( northern lao dialect ) so that the language of our parents parents will not die out
10. Pick-up at the Prague airport and transportation to Villa Lanna will be organized.

I am more powerful than I expected! I will require you to call me Saint Lanna from now on.