"Lanna needs"

This is a meme that is going around. How to do it:

Here’s the deal: Do a Google search for “YOUR NAME needs” (don’t forget the quotation marks) and see what comes up. For those of you who are reading this with a brain still stunted by turkey chemicals, when I say YOUR NAME, I literally mean your name, as in “Troy needs” or “Bill needs” or “Jenny needs”, etc.

“Lanna needs” generated 31 results, here are the best:

  • Lanna needs about $25 every week for the gasoline to drive her car to work and school.
  • Lanna needs a major to finish her championship.
  • Lanna needs her bed!
  • you can tell Lanna needs sleep when
  • Why Lanna needs a Job
  • Lanna needs some encouragement
  • Lanna needs Your free Pro account, oh sage one
  • What Lanna needs more than anything is to find challenge, fun and ambition In
    knowledge seeking!
  • Lanna needs furniture
  • Lanna needs to dump Jason and get back togeather with Cleark, don’t ya think.
  • Lanna needs new marines
  • Lanna needs to be The one to plug In plug It

Not sure what that last one was about!

Oh, and bring on the marines!

I got this from Gillian’s Blog.