The Friday Five on Monday

1. If you could have anything you wanted to eat for a day, what would you choose for your meals and snacks? Lobster, Steak, Mashed Potatoes, Ice Cream, Coca-Cola, Pub Cheese & Crackers (boring, eh?)

2. Is there ever a dish/food or dessert you wanted to try but never had the opportunity, what is it? Not really. (If I want to try something I will.)

3. What’s a dish/food or dessert you’ve tried that you wish you hadn’t? No regrets. There are some foods I tried but did not like them, but I don’t regret trying them.

4. Ever watch cooking shows? (i.e. “Great Chefs,” “Epicurious,” etc.) Not regularly. Have only seen sporadic shows. Would rather just cook for myself.

5. Are you hungry yet? Not really, I have already had my supper.