The Friday Five (On Saturday)

1) Would you rather live in a world with or without technology such as computers, cars, airplanes, bombs? Rather live in this world – however, I could be happy in the 1700s or 1800s.

2) If you had to live without either heating in your house or air conditioning, which one would you keep? That’s easy. I would keep heat. (I don’t have air conditioning now, anyway.)

3) If you had to own five dogs, what kind would you get? All kinds, mutts/mixed breeds prefered, would adopt them all from the pound.

4) If the world had a front porch, what would you do on it? Read. Hang out.

5) Would you rather live in a neighborhood where you know all of your neighbors by name, or where everyone sticks to their own business? That’s a hard one. I would like to live in a neighborhood where I know everyone’s name AND they stick to their own business.