Respect, So much Respect

Respect, So much Respect

Description: fat white woman with pink hair wearing a NaNoWriMoShirt smiles at camera. She is sitting at a conference table in front of her laptop

Getting my write on

Every year my local NaNoWriMo region does a “Day of Writing Dangerously”, it’s kind of like the Night of Writing Dangerously that happened on the west coast, but it is during the day time and is not a fundraiser (which means it’s free as the hotel is kind enough to lend us one of their conference rooms). Some of us bring snacks. This year it was small, seven of us, I think. And I got some good writing done, because we got a few word sprints in (where someone sets a timer and we write as fast as we can for 15 minutes). I love it. It makes me miss NaNoMaine and the write-ins there. We had a great thing going on while it lasted.

I am still struggling with my book, it is still fun, but I really think it sucks. And I have so much respect for speculative fiction writers. It is one of my favorite genres, and it delights me so, but it is hard to write. Ugh. Maybe it will be easier once I figure out what the plot will be? Maybe?

Anyway, the word update: I am now at 8,219 words! I wrote 3,816 words today! AMAZING! I only have 41,781 words to go! If I write 3,214 words every day, I will make it to 50,000 by the end of November.

Not really holding my breath there, but it’s still within the realm of possibility.