Lounging with LannaLee Update

Lounging with LannaLee Update

Hey, it’s (yet another) Lounging with LannaLee Update. Today I’ve been thinking about Lounging with LannaLee a lot, as I’m getting my presentation ready for the next WordCamp Boston. [Schedule here. Tickets here. Session Description Here. My bio here.] It is a great event, and I suggest that, if you do anything or want to do anything with WordPress, you attend. Great for beginners and advancers. And I’ll be there, which is a total plus!

Lounging with LannaLee LogoAs far as my getting stuff together, I’ve been playing around with new WordPress plugins, deleting old plugins, updating and cleaning my website and such so that it will look good for the publics. Through the course of all this work, I MAY have figured out how to fix my iTunes submission so that my peeps can download new episodes via iTunes. Crossing fingers.

Lounging is going great. I’m planning on doing something big in the fall for it, some sort of event, right now I’m in the beginning planning stages. Want it to be big and fun and maybe a little crazy. We’ll see. [Incidentally, if you are interested in helping me PLAN this, please let me know. I might need a committee or something. And if you are a balloon person, please know you are on notice. Will definitely be a balloon presence there. Thinking sculpted awesome.]

The podcasting every week is going well, been lucky to be able to get a couple of last minute guests a couple of weeks ago. Sometimes I hold people who might be easy to get in the wings while I concentrate on those who might live further away and whatnot. When we came back from our vacation in May, I didn’t have any episodes recorded. I had hoped to connect with a couple of people at the festival we were at, but it never seemed like a good time on their or my end. Fortunately Edmund stepped up and so did my boss Tony (with his daughter Mariah). Edmund and I are going away again this week and fortunately I already have the episode for this week AND next week in the can.

I will also be transcribing all of the episodes, once I get up the gumption to start the process. Frankly, I don’t see it happening until after the presentation in July.

So that’s it. Another Lounging with LannaLee update. You LOVE it, don’t you. Admit it. You LOVE It.