20160119_205654 (1)I feel this blogbligation to write. And I don’t have anything to say. Or I feel like I don’t. Whatever.

I find that I prefer my blag (blog) posts with pictures, and I don’t even have good ones to share. I took this picture today just for this post. And I prettied it up with some filters in Google photos.

After work tonight, I took a Blogging for Business webinar with Chris Brogan. I don’t really have a business I want to blog for right now, but I want to blog here and for my site, ok, and maybe for my work, but what struck me in the webinar was that I did not have a blog to share for feedback.

You see, he was critiquing/giving feedback for participant’s websites, telling them what works, what doesn’t work, and what needs to be improved. I know, I have THIS blag (blog), but really, it’s not a business blog. The thing is, it would’ve been funny to have him look at it during the session. I mean, take a gander, I almost submitted it more than once. Then I figured I would let the more serious people get actual help instead.

I’m a giver.

The thing about blagging (blogging) every day is that it’s good for me. As much as I try to force myself to write, having a goal to do it every day is helpful. And having Edmund doing it every day as well is helpful too. I am so competitive.

[Regarding Chris Brogan‘s stuff, I totally recommend. Join his mailing list first (it’s free, and linked on his site!) to see what he’s all about. He offers online courses and webinars, his webinars are $20 each, and so worth it. I pay for a monthly plan right now as part of my personal development stuff.]