Crispy Done Time

Hey look. Another post! I’d say I was back on the blagging wagon again, but I don’t want to freak myself out.

It’s Thursday. My mouth opens in a ginormous yawn. Gearing up for an awesome TGIF tomorrow.

It’s a quarter to midnight.

Had a good day today. Busy at work. I was very tired because I suck at going to bed at a reasonable hour. Went out with co-workers (and Edmund!) after work for drinks and dinner.

We went to the Bricks & Barley Tavern in Shelton. Edmund and I ordered several things to try. We especially liked the grilled cheese sandwich and the fries. Hot dog was good too.

It was in the ladies room I saw the weirdest thing. Here is their sink/faucet. Trippy!

[If you want to hear sound, hover over the video and click the little x by the speaker symbol. It’s just water pouring and me saying “weird. So please yourself.]

Now it’s 9 minutes to midnight. I should click Publish soon! So I get my post in by the end of the day!